Finding Deals

Finding great deals on smartpound is easy, you can sort deals by 'Most Recent' 'Top Today', 'Yesterday', 'Week', 'Month', 'Year' and 'All to sort deals by time period, you can also filter deals by category e.g. 'Home' as well as searching by tag and user. If you want to conduct a highly targeted search you can use the search bar or 'Advanced Search' tool.

Signing Up For A Free Account

To get a free account on smartpound simply register and follow the instructions. Registering on smartpound will enable you to submit, vote and comment on deals, follow and send messages to other users, get updates, benefit from enhanced site features such as being able to auto filter deals and earn smartpounds as you use the site (which may enable you to win some great prizes in future so watch this space!).

Submitting Deals

Registered users can submit deals by adding the deal URL (web address) and following the instructions.

We allow any deal that is available to UK consumers to be submitted providing the deal is not already on the site and that it was submitted by an independent consumer.

When submitting deals please try to include the item name, full price including delivery (where relevant), retailer and any important terms and voucher codes (where relevant), you may also include product information and a short description as required.

In order to make our deals easier to identify and understand we request that users submit deals in a similar format to those already on the site where possible. If you are unable to do this don't worry just submit the deal as best you can and we will edit it for you.

Once a deal has ended it will be marked as 'EXPIRED' by our team, if you spot a deal that should be marked 'EXPIRED' please let us know.

Voting On Deals

Registered users can vote on a deal by simply clicking on either the green up arrow if you think it is a good deal (+1 vote) or red down arrow if you think it is a bad deal (-1 vote) on the right hand side of the relevant deal.

Commenting On Deals

Registered users can comment on a deal by simply entering a comment in the 'Submit A Comment' box at the bottom of the relevant 'Deal Details' area.

Registered users can vote on comments by simply clicking on wither the + if you think it is a good comment (+1 vote) or - if you think it is a bad comment (-1 vote) sign on the right hand side of the relevant comment.

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