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When you sign up for a free account with smartpound an email address and username will be required. The username you specify will be made available publicly. Your email address can be updated at any time by you and it will not be displayed publicly on the site but can be seen by administrators, it will be used for account verification purposes as well as to receive updates from ourselves. By signing up to smartpound you agree to receive such correspondence, if for any reason you wish to opt out of such correspondence please contact us. Once your account is active you may choose to add information to your profile which will be displayed publicly and where additional contact information is added you agree to receive correspondence via these contact methods, if for any reason you wish to opt out of such correspondence please contact us. You may use the private messaging system on our website to contact other users and smartpound along with others users may use the system to contact you, if for any reason you wish to opt out of such correspondence please contact us. We do not actively share any private contact information with third parties.


You may choose to add, comment favourite or vote on deals, vote on comments, follow other users or use the site in other ways, please be aware that by doing so your actions will be available to view publicly. You may edit deals and comments that you have submitted at any time.


We may use cookies in order to enhance the user experience of the website as well as for tracking visitor activity such as for tracking affiliate commissions as well as for security and traffic monitoring purposes.

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smartpound contains links to third party websites which have their own privacy policies. It is your responsibility to check the privacy policy of these websites before you submit your personal data to them.

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We may collect IP address data along with traffic, location and communication data for the purposes of maintaining and optimising the website including but not limited to security and traffic monitoring purposes.

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